Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

Starting your bathroom remodeling project can be challenging because you don’t know where to start.

There are so many decisions to make. No matter what bathroom remodeling you’re planning, there are factors you should keep in mind to make sure your project is a success. In this blog post, we’ll go over 5 simple ideas that can help inspire you with your bathroom and home remodeling project. Read on to learn more!

5 Simple Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

  • Use Your Floor Plan

If you’re happy with your bathroom’s current layout, it’s probably best to stick with it. Although you can reverse plumbing and fixtures, the process is usually costly. That doesn’t mean you can’t be inventive with your use of space, though! Consider a modern little tub or a minimalist standing shower in place of the bath.

  • Refinish

You can save money by determining which aspects of your bathroom you want to remain the same or only slightly change. For example, if you have a great vanity that’s the wrong color, consider staining or painting it rather than purchasing a new one. Keeping some old fixtures will reduce waste, and you can direct your budget towards things that require more attention.

  • Focus On Floors

Is it time to get rid of the previous tile? Since your bathroom flooring will be wet, you must choose it carefully. Ceramic tile is often an excellent waterproof option, but make sure the grout is sealed correctly. You don’t want to have to clean tiles weekly for your fresh bathroom to look nice.

  • Light It Up

Bathrooms serve many purposes, so they require a variety of light fixtures. Overhead lighting is excellent for general illumination, but when you’re looking in the mirror, it can be rather unflattering. Consider how you’ll want your bathroom to light up; the proper lighting can brighten an area up.

  • Ventilate

All your time and effort put into remodeling will go to waste if you don’t consider ventilation. A general contracting company can help with this from the beginning of the project – mold and mildew can completely ruin a bathroom. At least you should have a fan that vents to the outside, but having a functional window will do wonders for clearing the air.


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