Important Plumbing Considerations For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom remodeling is more than choosing new tiles or different paint colors. If you’re planning any plumbing changes, it’s important to know your options and what to expect. Hiring a professional contractor can help remove some of the process’s stress. However, it’s still helpful to have an idea of what’s involved.

Here, you’ll find essential information about plumbing considerations for your bathroom remodeling project. Keep reading!


5 Plumbing Aspects To Consider For Your Project


1) Insulated Plumbing That Runs Along An Exterior Wall

Suppose your bathroom remodeling project involves any plumbing changes requiring running new pipes along an exterior wall. In that case, you’ll need to ensure those pipes are adequately insulated. This is to prevent the water in them from freezing and causing damage.


2) Shower Flooring Optimized to Drain Properly

One of the most common issues with showers is that water doesn’t drain properly and can pool around your feet while you’re showering. This can be a safety hazard, not to mention it’s just plain annoying.


3) Shower and Tub Drain Size

The size of your shower and tub drains is something you’ll need to consider when planning your bathroom remodeling project. If they’re too small, they could become clogged more quickly. Upgrading to a larger size may be necessary.


4) Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Recessed medicine cabinets are a popular choice for bathrooms because they save space. However, they must be installed correctly to avoid placing them where plumbing lines are located.


5) Under Cabinet Plumbing

If you’re planning to install new cabinets as part of your bathroom remodeling project, you’ll have to consider some things. You need to set a budget for a plumbing reconfiguration, or you can easily plan around your existing plumbing system. Don’t affect your plumbing for aesthetic reasons; always let an expert handle these kinds of projects.


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