Melinda Fisk
Google review 1/28/2023

We were looking for someone to help us with water damage in our bathroom. They were great at communication, prompt, helpful, and did amazing work. We are already planning on using Jason Smith Construction again for our next project!

Carol Stuart
Google review 1/1/2023

Jason Smith Contractors were professional, , reliable, timely, and did a great Job remodeling our guest bathroom. We would highly recommend his company and contractors. Plan to use his Company for more projects in the future

Linore Blackstone
Google review 11/2/2022

I have known Jason Smith as a friend and a contractor since about 2007. He has done extensive remodeling on a 100+old 2 story cottage and a large 2 story 1960's townhouse: floors, blue-stone walls, porcelain counters, tiling, complete bathroom renovations: installing a new upstairs bath where only a bedroom existed, new support beam structures to open up a staircase, taking a wall out between kitchen and living/dining spaces, hand made steel flat panel stair rail installed, new window openings and installation; I could go on. Jason and I have worked together, designed together, discussed options together; all the while he has been receptive to my eccentric ideas. He did tell me that he could do anything I wanted, "for this much more..." he cautioned. I did understand that is was My " this much more" we must consider and wisely said never mind. I trust Jason. I trust I can take any concerns or desires to him for discussion. I have referred his company to my friends. He is a friend and he gives good advice to me when I fantasize a possible project but underestimate the cost or the complexity. He is the person I can call for advice or referrals even if he isn't doing a project for me. What I remember best is his reassuring smile when I was apoplectic about the stress of a project: his re-assuring, "We'll 'getter' done." Good man, good work. Linore Blackstone

Houzz User
Houzz review 10/30/2022

Jason Smith Construction completed exceptional work on tiling the floors and painting the walls in our living room, dinning room and hallways. Jason was very responsive to our design wishes, offered excellent advise, completed work in a timely fashion, and charged what was agreed upon. Jason and all of those working for him were very gracious and professional. And he is a nice guy.

Sherry Smith
Google review 10/15/2022

Jason was a amazing to work with ! Always on time and did amazing work top quality! Would recommend him for any remodeling work !

Samantha D.
Offsite review 10/13/2022

I am very happy with my new kitchen and bathroom. Jason and his crew very professional and provided for me an excellent job. Would use them again.

Houzz User
Houzz review 10/11/2022

I had two bathroom and a kitchen remodel. Very happy with the result.Will definitely recommend and use this company again.

Liesl Schreiber
Google review 9/15/2022

We began working with Jason now decades ago when a 2nd story leaky shower drain destroyed beams in our laundry room & caused black mold. Jason was quick and efficient, and you cannot tell anything was disturbed in that area despite having the entire ceiling below ripped out, the old beams removed, and new ones installed. Following up on this great experience, we've undertaken 4 additional large projects with him over the years: a cantilevered deck turned into a fully enclosed sun room with windows, a full kitchen remodel with a gorgeous full wall custom tile application, and the addition of a 2-room second story over part of the house. On each project, Jason was at our house often, came for meetings when we had any additional concerns, and was frequently on the job site working. Jason treated our home like his own, and even when we thought something was good enough, he insisted it always be RIGHT. He has a great eye and helpful suggestions. He does not cut corners. He made suggestions on how we could reduce costs, but never at the sacrifice of function or aesthetics. He's patient in explaining his detailed bids and in helping you pick all the necessary trims/finishes/items for your job. Jason's time estimates were always very close to accurate, and extremely accurate on the smaller jobs. My husband jokes that we have to finish anything else we want to remodel in case Jason decides to retire because we'll never hire a different contractor to work on our home.

Google review 9/8/2022

We are really happy with our remodel. We love our new kitchen, beautiful white oak floors, and updated fireplace! From start to finish Jason answered our questions, gave us honest counsel and finished the job ahead of schedule. We would definitely call him for future projects.

Dick Thompson
Google review 2/1/2022

In 2016 we bought a 100-year-old house and Jason did a complete renovation for us. Six years have gone by, and our home is as strong and beautiful as it was the day Jason finished the job. Whenever we have a new project, we call Jason because we know he will do a good job every time. We recommended him to our neighbors and now he’s worked on four houses on our street.

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